How will AEC industries benefit from C6 Aerial services? Let’s take a deeper dive and focus on Surveying.

Surveying companies have both directly and indirectly been challenged to raise efficiencies as they continue to experience growing demand on new construction as well as expanding business footprints. Drones have proven to create efficiencies, provide additional technology, and can significantly reduce man hours by up to 85%.

Using the vast scope of data captured by drones, C6 Aerial can provide you a more holistic sense of territory gathered and allow for the immediate planning of your team’s next steps such as access points and potential hazards with regards to the project site. Surveyors can provide survey grade accuracy when contracts require, and C6 Aerial will improve the usability of the captured data for automated mapping, cadastral surveying, LiDAR mapping, and volumetric calculations.

C6 Aerial makes use of the latest photogrammetry and LiDAR technology to collect survey grade ground data. It’s no secret in the AEC community that accuracy and precision is vital to any project. With the use of RTK GPS control and advance photogrammetric ground control workflows, C6 can promise the accuracy your project demands … every time.