How will AEC industries benefit from C6 Aerial services? Let’s take a deeper dive and focus on Engineering.

Engineering was one of the first fields that understood the importance of aerial data in its use of modern tendencies with cloud computing, 3D modelling, and overall business benefits. Drones can access locations humans are unable; they can be more accurate than ground-based individuals working in the field; they can increase overall quality of work with more precise and comprehensive maps, photos, and measurements.

With C6 Aerial, we take that same aerial data and improve the usability for Engineers. How? Our teams provide your teams with both highly accurate and extremely precise parametric building and facility models to provide the most efficient Civil 3D BIM 360 Workflows.

Our experienced team provide advanced software and qualified specialists, the necessary data management platforms, and proper data output to suit your individual project including, but not limited to, terrestrial LiDAR.