How will AEC industries benefit from C6 Aerial services? Let’s take a deeper dive and focus on Architecture.

Architects and developers can use drone images as a perfect basis for making 3D visualizations in order to present their projects. 3D photogrammetric imaging and point clouds used to generate ortho-rectified models which can then be installed in the actual environment so Architects can better understand and display overall design. By doing so, a construction project can be presented and sold by property developers or Architects more effectively for site geography. Real insights to the not-yet-built property, not least through the special post-processing of image materials, can be gained from high-quality, architectural visualizations presented by your company.

Understanding today’s growth strategies in Architecture, you are already aware that the use of drones is increasing for high resolution aerial and ground imagery. Connected job sites will benefit from the technological possibilities of drone technology, especially when paired with C6 Aerial data derivatives. Depending on your project needs, we can manipulate additional data captured from high-definition cameras, infrared scanners, and thermal sensors to allow a more efficient flow from initial design phase to completion.

To summarize, C6 Aerial provides you: faster data capture; additional data derivatives; potentially greater accuracy; and shorter project timelines.