Advanced data output for your photogrammetry and GIS derivatives
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Architects require floor plans and elevations to develop new and innovative designs. C6 Aerial harness the power of Revit to develop advanced custom models and building components for use in an ever-competitive, 3D design industry.



Civil Engineers require ground surfaces to develop profile grades for roadway design and linear infrastructure projects. C6 Aerial meets those needs by employing Autodesk Civil 3D certified professionals to provide existing ground surface models derived from survey grade point cloud data.



Contractors need real-time earthwork quantities and construction tolerance verification. C6 Aerial utilizes powerful software applications to provide time-line analysis of construction site progress, cut/fill quantities and building design tolerance verification.



Risk management should be more predictive than reactive. C6 Aerial allows carriers to qualify underwriting decisions from greater detailed outputs. We also allow Claim Departments to process more claims with more accurate data.

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We improve your proof of concept. Full stop.
88% of companies saw a positive Return On Investment within one year


C6 Aerial applies 50+ years combined industry experience to rapid, data manipulation and cost-effective photogrammetry techniques.


Photogrammetric Imaging | Site Geography | High Resolution Aerial and Ground Imagery
All good projects start with reliable front-end data and finish with actionable asset data. Utilizing our BIM for lifecycle asset management leads to major cost savings by giving you better tools for operations, maintenance and capital improvement planning, increasing ROI.


Civil 3D BIM 360 Workflow | Aerial and Terrestrial LiDAR | Parametric Building and Facility Models | Advanced Data Acquisition
We understand potential catastrophic consequences from exporting data sets to state plane grid and delivering before applying ground scale factor. We employ state of the art RTK GPS technology to get your project within thousandths of a foot of real world coordinates.


Topography Surfaces | Cut & Fill Quantities | Planimetrics | Pre-construction Visualization Models | Stockpile Analysis Reports
We understand that not every project requires the highest level of precision and detail we have to offer. We make sure you’re getting the best quality for your investment and ensure our clients get the most appropriate level of detail for their project needs.


CAT Loss Claim Accuracy| High Risk Underwriting Inspections | Unrated Territory Inspections | High Value Client Underwriting
Stop trying to decipher 2D images taken of your high value clients by unseasoned drone operators. C6 Aerial will provide 3D point clouds to improve your CAT loss process. Damage can be assessed more accurately and keep adjusters out of harm’s way. We allow you to start & close claims faster.

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